Wild Horses Victorious in Utah

In a significant victory for wild horses in the West, a district court in Utah yesterday ruled in favor of our clients (the American Wild Horse Campaign, Return to Freedom, the Cloud Foundation, and Lisa Friday) and the Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) in a lawsuit that sought to compel the agency to immediately remove thousands of wild horses from the range. We had intervened in this case to defend the agency’s decision to manage wild horse populations in a more humane manner over a longer period of time. Ultimately, our arguments carried the day, persuading the court that it should not take over the agency’s day-to-day management of this complex issue. This decision, along with other favorable rulings recently obtained by our firm, have cemented a strong precedent that there is no viable cause of action for disgruntled ranching interests to force BLM to remove wild horses from public lands to further skew the allocation of public resources in favor of domestic cattle and sheep grazing. You can read the decision here.