Ringling Brothers Circus to End After 146 Years

The stunning news by Ringling Brothers Circus that it is closing its doors and will perform its last show in May of this year means that the horses, llamas, dogs, tigers, and other animals, along with the elephants who left the Circus last year, will no longer have to endure life on the road and the treatment that is required to make them do unnatural tricks on demand.  We salute those members of the public – and especially the younger generation – who have learned that it is much better to enjoy entertainment that does not require the exploitation of animals.  We also celebrate the bravery of Tom Rider – the former barn man for Ringling Brothers – who had the courage to come forward years ago and tell the public what really goes on behind the Big Top.  We now hope that all of the animals will find homes in sanctuaries where they can live out the remainder of their lives in peace.