BLM Abandons Invasive Wild Horse Sterilization Experiments In Response to First Amendment Lawsuit

In direct response to our lawsuit on behalf of the Cloud Foundation and the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on Friday September 9 withdrew its authorization for invasive experiments on wild horse sterilization in Burns, Oregon.  On behalf of our clients, we had requested that the BLM allow for public observation of these experiments in order to document the agency’s inhumane experimentation on these federally protected animals.  After the BLM denied any opportunity for public observation, we filed suit and moved for a preliminary injunction to protect our clients’ First Amendment right to observe these controversial experiments.  Rather than file any response to our preliminary injunction motion, the BLM abandoned its experiments altogether, making clear that BLM recognizes that the public would likely be appalled by these experimental techniques.  Attached is a press release our clients issued on BLM’s decision.