Ringling Brothers Elephants To Be Retired From the Road Early!

We are very happy with the announcement that the Asian elephants used in the Ringling Brothers circus will now be taken off the road permanently, beginning in May of this year.  These endangered Asian elephants live a life of misery on the road, traveling to dozens of cities each year, chained on railroad cars, and hit with bull hooks to perform unnatural tricks in the circus.  Elephants are highly intelligent and sociable animals and deserve a much better life.  We hope this announcement is another step in securing these magnificent animals permanent homes in one of the two elephant sanctuaries in this country, where they would at last be able to feel grass beneath their feet, play in a mud hole, spray themselves with water, socialize with other elephants, and generally live their lives as real elephants.  A great deal of tireless advocacy from elephant activists around the country contributed to this day, including our firm’s more than decade-long legal battle which helped shed critical light on what the elephants were forced to endure to perform in a traveling circus.  We are thankful to all who helped with this important battle!