MGC Honored by Madrone Audubon Society

The Madrone Audubon Society, based in Santa Rosa, California, has given Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal, along with the Animal Legal Defense Fund, an award for “Special Recognition” in connection with the firm’s work on  a lawsuit against the Federal Highway Administration and the California Department of Transportation regarding expansion of a bridge that is home to an important Cliff swallow colony.  As explained by Madrone Audubon in issuing the award, the federal case resulted in a settlement agreement that “achieved new standards of exclusion and protection for migratory birds, requirement for close monitoring during construction, and funding for the public and educational outreach.”  Madrone Audubon also said that it is “deeply grateful for the skilled legal teams for guiding us through a challenging process to an outcome with the potential for new exclusionary methods during bridge construction in California which will afford higher levels of protection for migratory birds.”