Judge To Hold Hearing On Corrective Statements Remedy For Tobacco Companies’ Massive Fraud

In our ongoing litigation against major cigarette companies – stemming from a 2006 decision that found them responsible for massive consumer fraud – the court has scheduled a hearing for October 15, 2012 to consider the content of “Corrective Statements” the companies must air in TV Ads, major newspapers, and on their products.  The government has proposed accurate statements, such as “cigarettes are a finely-tuned nicotine delivery device designed to addict people,” and “smoking reduces circulation, triggers asthma, and can cause infertility and erectile dysfunction.” We will be supporting these proposals on behalf of six public health organizations that intervened in the suit to advocate for strong and effective remedies.  The Court recently invited the parties to submit supplemental briefs in advance of the hearing, and our briefs can be found here and here.